creative developmentsSeit 2009 haben wir unsere ganze Energie und Kreativität in unsere Arbeit als Projektentwickler gesteckt. Hier sind sie – unsere Babys.

Libauer Str. 14

Our first project. In collaboration with Josef Wimmer, we built our dream residential project with a total living space of 1,320 m² Maximum flexibility was at the heart of the design approach. Column-free spaces with one single service duct and floor-to-ceiling windows gave buyers maximum freedom to design their homes. That’s how we produced twelve completely different living spaces behind the thermally insulated façade. The building goes above and beyond KfW70 energy-saving requirements and as a result, received financial support.

Project implementation
October 2010–March 2012
Living space
1319 m²
12 residential units (40 m²–140 m²) and 1 commercial unit (70 m²)
Reinforced concrete structure, wooden roof construction
welter+welter architekten BDA
Stefan Wolf Lucks
Nächstes Projekt wird geladen...